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Let jewelry shine in fashionable displays


Let jewelry shine in fashionable displays

Jewelry is always a hot holiday item, and retailers of fine accessories can dress their shops for success with these ideas for tasteful store displays:

Standing features for longer pieces

Elongated display fixtures provide the perfect backdrop for stranded necklaces and pendants. For a realistic approach, select standing bust forms, which are available in neutral shades of black and white to accentuate the jewelry’s tone and features. The forms are also available in a variety of textures, such as luxurious black velvet, crisp white leatherette, professional brushed charcoal or an all-natural cork jewelry board. For a more avant-garde appeal, consider a standing necklace or chain easel, or a combination piece that pair earrings with a necklace.

Combination fixtures for bracelets

Bracelets and rings can be exhibited with traditional cases, which gently and securely cushion the jewelry, either individually or in multi-item display fixtures such as bracelet bars. Similar to necklaces, accessories for the wrist and fingers can also be showcased on sleek realistic models like wooden hands or polystyrene venus hands in black or white. Acrylic accents allow the jewelry to shine with clear bars and hanging presentations.

Individual or group options for smaller pieces

For small items like earrings, rings and charms, consider organizing a larger number of pieces at once on a divided velvet pad. To highlight unique or elongated post earrings, select a standing display in charcoal or black velvet, and for hanging earrings, look for a metal or acrylic accent which allows the jewelry to dangle gracefully. Rings may be shown on lifelike models or on contemporary posts in a variety of textures.

A myriad of options

Jewelry can be presented as casually or formally as you choose, depending on the shape and material of your display. Decide what features best match the outlay and theme of your shop, and look for exhibition fixtures that include additional embellishments or are offered in eye-catching tones. While some store owners feel comfortable showing jewelry on open counter spaces or racks, others may prefer the additional security of a glass case or closed shelving unit, both of which allow shoppers to browse and try on select pieces with assistance from a store associate.

Jewelry store owners may want to invest in items that help customers safely bring their new purchases home. Consider jewelry pouches or other protective cases and padded gift boxes for transportation that is as stylish as it is secure.

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